Advantages of wearing natural stone chakra bracelets

Worn in India for decades, the bracelet 7 real chakras stones is part of an alternative medicine approach, complementary to traditional medicine, allowing the wearer to open his chakras. It is then essential to know what a chakra is in order to be able to use and understand how this jewel can influence and affect the person wearing it. But also to know the properties and virtues of the natural stones used to make this bracelet or how to recharge them in order to enjoy this extraordinary jewel for as long as possible.

What is a 7 chakra bracelet and what is it used for?

A 7 chakra bracelet is a jewel with multiple virtues. The jewel is composed of natural stones of different colours, each representing a chakra. A chakra is a point in the human body where vital energy is concentrated. There are 7 main chakras and thousands of so-called "secondary" chakras. Each stone is therefore complementary and contributes to the energetic balance of the body and mind. Each stone has its own meaning. Thus the bracelet contains at least 7 stones of different colours or 3 stones of each colour to multiply its positive effects. This type of bracelet is used to keep the chakras open. It also helps to keep up optimistic thoughts and chase away negative ideas. This jewel is thus a spiritual object, often used as an alternative, parallel and complementary medicine to traditional medicine. It promotes the healing of both physical and emotional ailments by maintaining energy levels in seven areas of the human body. Indeed, the chakra bracelet is made with natural stones with beneficial properties. Thus they trap the good energies and redistribute them to the wearer of the bracelet.

Do you need a 7 real stone chakra bracelet?

People suffering from illness, chronic pain, emotional or psychological disorders (depression...) are particularly receptive to 7 chakra bracelets. Indeed, buying a bracelet allows you to be an actor of its healing. The jewel allows the wearer to be attentive to his health and well-being. The stones with different properties allow the wearer a help for his recovery and his relief. The acquisition of this type of bracelet allows its owner to undertake a clear and real transformation of his life. In addition, people practicing meditation and yoga can see their practices evolve positively if they wear a chakra bracelet. Anyone interested in self-knowledge and spiritual awakening will also be fulfilled by this type of bracelet.

What are the benefits of natural stones?

The method of using stones or crystals to treat various ailments has a name, lithotherapy. Natural stones are thus beneficial to human health. Each one has particular properties. Some crystals will help you to maintain a good self-confidence while others will be anti-stress or facilitate your social life. The bracelet of the 7 chakras has been designed to work all the chakras and to help maintain vital energy throughout the body in order to regulate all ills. Indeed, if the chakra is congested, the energy will not be able to circulate what causes physical ailments or psychological, emotional disorders ... Each chakra is represented by a color. Thus the root chakra will be purple, the sacred chakra, indigo. The solar plexus chakra, blue. The heart chakra is green. The throat chakra is yellow. The third eye chakra is orange and the crown chakra is red. For each chakra, there are natural and precious or semi-precious stones that help to open it. Thus for the root chakra, hematite stone, quartz, red or black onyx, obsidian, pyrite are recommended. For the sacred chakra, prefer the sun stone, moonstone, chalcedony, amber or carnelian. For the solar plexus chakra, tiger's eye stones, citrine, topaz, hessonite or ametrine are ideal. To open the heart chakra, rose quartz, jade stone, malachite or aventurine will be useful. To unblock the throat chakra, blue agate, turquoise, blue topaz, a soladite stone or aquamarine. To restore energies in the Third Eye chakra, Sapphire and Tiger Eye stones are perfect. Finally for the crown chakra, a clear quartz, opal, diamond and amethyst will help you restore the passage of energy.

On which wrist should you wear your bracelet?

Precious and natural stones act differently depending on where on the body. So you can wear your bracelet either on your right or left wrist but the impacts will not be the same. The right side of the body is considered for the male side, the action side. Wearing stones on the right wrist will help you to control what you send back to your environment, outside your body for example your relationships with others. Wearing the bracelet on the right side also allows the wearer of the jewellery to send the beneficial properties of the bracelet to other people. The left side is the feminine side of the body, the inner side and emotions. Wearing stones on your left wrist will help you to maintain your internal vital energy and make changes to yourself. Also called "receptive hand", the left hand also absorbs energy from the bracelet for healing purposes (anti-stress for example).

Is it possible to wear several bracelets?

There is no rule in lithotherapy regulating the number of jewels to wear. You can then wear as many natural stones and crystals as you wish. However, it is recommended that you start wearing one stone or jewel at a time to study how it affects you and your environment. This will also allow you to be attentive and formulate a personal intention towards the jewel. Bracelets should always be in an excellent state of cleanliness. Dirt and dust can block the redistribution of positive energy to the wearer of the bracelet. Cleaning the bracelet is called purification and allows the natural stones to be recharged with good energy. Since almost always, Man has found a use for stones. By making weapons or tools, the stone has also been used in the design of jewellery. Worn as a necklace or bracelet, Man soon realized that the stone could bring about positive changes in him and his environment. Indeed, some stones have a multitude of properties that are good for physical and emotional health. This is the case of the 7 chakras bracelet made of natural stones which helps its wearer to be in harmony with his body and mind. It rebalances the chakras of the human body, gives a renewal of energy and promotes, among other things, emotional balance.
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