Are bronze statues a good investment?

bronze statues

Bronze statues are a beautiful ornament to have in any garden or house. They usually add a touch of style and sophistication and can elevate a place if chosen wisely. They are multiple classical and historical styles to choose from, and when properly maintained, they can be a good investment.

So whether you want a human or animal bronze, it’s easy to find a high-quality one that matches your home decor and suits your budget. Tiger-Universe, for example, has all tiger statue lovers covered. For further details please click here.

1. They last a long time

One of the main reasons why bronze statues are a good investment is that they need minimal upkeep and care and can last for years. The popular metal is durable and can endure many conditions that most softer metals can’t. That means you can pass your bronze artwork down from generation to generation.

2. Bronze statues have an innate beauty

Bronze itself is extremely valuable and has an inherent touch. Like silver and platinum, most metals have a cold, bright colour pallet, but this metal has a welcoming, warm tone.

Depending on your artist’s touch, the lush colour of bronze can give a piece a sophisticated, high-end look or a rustic appeal.

3.Scarcity adds to their value

A handcrafted statue can take great effort and time to make. The works of art can show a great range of visual possibilities, from delicate illusions of movements to ripping muscles. It is hard to recreate the nuances, and that makes each one valuable and unique.

The more complex the design, the more time and expertise it takes to manufacture the mold. That is why unique, elaborate works are more valuable than statues with simplistic designs.

4.Your own sense of enjoyment

If you purchase a bronze statue that you are visually drawn to and fully understand the artist’s message on a deep level, you might have an emotional response to the piece. That type of response can be valuable and profound in its own right.

How to buy a bronze statue for your home

Size requirements: A statue that is too big has the risk of not going through your door in one piece, and one that is too small won’t be impressive enough.

The first step is to decide where to place your statue. If it’s inside your house, measure the width and height of the alleyways and doors. If it is in the garden, ensure there’s no overhand (trees or buildings) that can block it.

Style of the scripture: A bronze statue is a significant part of your home décor that speaks volumes of your interests, preferences, and tastes, meaning you must pick a style accordingly. Purchase a bronze statue that you enjoy looking at any time and won’t get bored of.

Reproductions vs. originals: Reproductions are bronze statues that are a replica of the original statues. Owning a reproduction isn’t bad; it is generally the norm because originals can be very expensive.

Determine the quality: A way of identifying low-quality bronze statues is to pay close attention to the proportions of the piece. Experienced foundries will, without a doubt, get the proportions right.

Another essential thing to remember is that a high-quality bronze sculpture will have a shiny, brown, rich patina that is uniform throughout the piece. If you want to purchase your bronze statue online, buy it from a reputed site.

How to clean bronze statues

Bronze statues need to be cleaned every once in a while, especially if placed outside. Luckily some of the best bronze cleaners are usually house ingredients. You can clean your bronze statue using a combination of vinegar, salt and flour or using boiling water and soap.

Note that protecting your bronze statue from household dust is one of the best ways to avoid tarnishing. Other ways to avoid bronze tarnishing include:

• To Avoid handling or touching the statue.
• Keeping the bronze statue in an area with low humidity.
• To Avoid contact with fabrics or paint.
• Using a plastic cover when storing bronze statues.


As you can see, bronze statues and sculptures are a good investment. The most crucial piece of investing is to go for a well-crafted bronze statue that will stand out in any setting.

Remember that a bronze statue is a piece that will be part of your surrounding décor for years, so it is vital that it’s made of quality metals that stand the test of time.

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