Astrology: a reliable science, pseudo-science or ancestral science?

Astrology includes all the beliefs and practices based on the study of the stars. It is often perceived as a divinatory tool. Many people associate this discipline with clairvoyance. Astrology has, moreover, been practiced for several generations that have succeeded one another. Some people consider it as an ancestral science and others as a pseudoscience.

Astrology, a science or not?

Because of its particularities, Astrology cannot be considered as an exact science the example of mathematics or chemistry. Scientists consider it as a divinatory art. However, some people qualify astrology in the humanities. They claim that the discipline directly concerns human life and that it would evolve over time. These thoughts point out that astrology is the subject of many discoveries. According to those who rely on astrological analyses, the discipline's purpose is to influence the movements of the planets to modify events. Thus, it is capable of optimizing or changing the destiny of mankind. Astrological predictions would be influences of the future and not visions.

What are the differences between astrology, clairvoyance and horoscopes?

Because of its specificities, astrology is a tool based on astrological influences which can affect human behaviour. An astrologer performs calculations of the trajectories of the planets. Astrology is therefore not considered clairvoyance. The latter, in turn, is a gift that some people possess. It allows these individuals to have visions that other mortals are unaware of, which qualifies clairvoyance as an extrasensory faculty. Horoscopes, on the other hand, are a predictive analysis of a person's future. Its analysis is limited to the astrological sign. The calculation of the influence of the planets is only based on the latter.

Becoming an astrologer is a dream for many people.

Although becoming an astrologer is a dream for many people, several institutions now offer training in this discipline. However, despite the fact that private astrology institutes train students, the diplomas awarded are not yet recognized by the State. At the end of the course, students receive a certificate. This certificate only attests to the attendance of the holder of the certificate. To introduce students to astrology, they can read books. These ready-made documents relate the fundamentals of the discipline and learn about the language of the stars. However, to enrich their experiences and enter into the practice of astrology, it is necessary to become an astrologer. In reality, an astrologer is self-taught. To multiply his discoveries, he must show passion and assiduity. Moreover, the discipline has progressed less since those years. In order to make predictions, several astrological themes must be introduced.statistical astrology, humanistic astrology, reliable science, reference, etc.
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