Buy electronic cigarette’s e-liquid at a cheap price

An ideal alternative to get out of cigarette addiction, the electronic cigarette running on cheap liquid is less harmful while maintaining a similar taste. But what are the advantages of the cheap electronic cigarette, what different types of liquid electronic cigarette exist on the market? How to choose your cheap liquid? Let's make the point.

Why choose the electronic cigarette?

The advantages of the cheap electronic cigarette found in a shop electronic cigarette are numerous. It allows you to keep your old smoking habits, but with fewer adverse effects on health. Indeed, the cheap eliquide delivers a quantity of nicotine adapted to the needs of all. You will therefore not feel a lack of sensation that could make you change your mind and return to the consumption of harmful traditional cigarettes. Vaporization with e liquid is done without combustion by heating until evaporation. This cheap electronic cigarette liquid consists mainly of glycerin and flavorings with some nicotine salts. During evaporation, there is certainly smoke, but a harmless smoke, because it does not contain any dangerous substance of carcinogenic type. And in addition to being safe for health, the liquid electronic cigarette provides a real pleasure thanks to its many subtleties of flavors. Instead of evoking strong tastes of tobacco each time, your ashtray will rather evoke tastes of light, fruity tobacco, pastry ... Also, the electronic cigarette is available at a lower cost. And although in the beginning it is necessary to spend more money than in the purchase of traditional cigarettes, in the long term, the cheap cash promises an excellent investment. Its use then amounts to opting for an affordable alternative.

The different types of liquid for electronic cigarette

A priori, there are three kinds of cheap electronic cigarette liquid: traditional nicotine liquid, liquid with nicotine salts and finally liquid with vegetal. The cheap traditional nicotine liquid includes a limited percentage of nicotine in its composition generally called "nicotine base". The latter is obtained from tobacco leaves and provides sensations similar to traditional cigarettes, but over a longer period of time. The liquid with nicotine salts provides a quickly more noticeable tobacco sensation and is closer to the effects of traditional cigarettes. And since it promises immediate satisfaction, it can be sold at a slightly higher price in an online electronic cigarette shop. As a last resort, fans of the electronic cigarette can try to vaporize the liquid to the vegetal. Vegetol is less harmful than nicotine salts and nicotine base, but with a less powerful taste. It is especially appreciated for its natural and environmentally friendly origins.

The most convenient flavours of cheap eliquid

A priori, there are 5 major families of flavors of e liquid from a shop electronic cigarette, namely flavor tobacco, fruity flavor, gourmet flavor, mint flavor and drink flavor. The tobacco flavor is well suited to heavy smokers looking for a taste very similar to traditional cigarettes while gradually getting out of tobacco addiction. The fruity flavor interests more women than men with a pleasant taste of fruit during steaming. Depending on the fragrance of the liquid, one can identify a strong taste of strawberry, mango, vanilla or red fruits. The gourmet taste evokes original delights of pastry products such as candies and cookies. The mint flavour brings a maximum of freshness to the vaporizer, especially when the electronic cigarette liquid crosses the throat. Finally, the drink flavor recaptures the taste of different drinks: soda, Coca-Cola, coffee, tea ...

How to choose your cheap eliquid online?

To choose your cheap eliquide online, you must first of all refer to the nicotine dosage that it is able to offer. The ideal dosage should evoke the same usual sensations you feel with conventional cigarettes. The more the hit felt with the liquid electronic cigarette is important, the better. We record a dosage between 0 and 3 mg/ml for occasional smokers. Regular smokers can opt for a dosage between 6 and 12 mg/ml. In the case of heavy smokers, it would be better to choose a cheap electronic cigarette liquid with a higher nicotine content of about 12 to 16 mg/ml. Nevertheless, for your own good, a threshold of 18 mg/ml must be respected. In addition to the level of nicotine, we can also refer to the origin and flavors provided by the liquid electronic cigarette cheap electronic cigarette. The taste depends on individual needs. But in terms of provenance, it would be better to prioritize liquids from local production and with a recognized certification. In this way, we are sure to taste a cheap liquid of better quality.
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