Dating, from virtual to real: the risk is to get trapped!

Thanks to the virtual world, two people located separately in places several hundred kilometres apart can keep without knowing each other. Many have managed to forge friendly, loving and professional relationships on the Internet. For those who have made the connection, they sometimes find themselves in despair when they meet face to face.

A real world that can be falsified

Not all keyboard players are sincere. Behind the screens, there are various hidden faces: the fresh, the liars, the scammers, the ingrates... One must be wary of surrealist writings and messages when we weave long-distance relationships with strangers. Of course, the virtual world makes it easy to meet people, but can lead to disappointing surprises during the actual meeting. Contrary to the idea that the virtual world is unreal, the facts confirm the opposite. It is indeed possible to create emotions and illusions through long-distance relationships. However, since there is no control, everyone can lie and say what they want behind the screens.

Virtual addiction, a serious disadvantage of the virtual world

Like drugs, the virtual world can be seriously addictive. Many people become totally addicted to the Internet. They end up abandoning their work, their personal life and even their hobbies. At that point, the virtual world becomes a real problem. Like tobacco products and alcohol, the Internet can take up most of a person's time. At any time (day or night) and from any place (at the office, at school, and even on vacation), some people are constantly behind the screens.

Falling out of the mask during a face-to-face encounter

Until the correspondents have planned a face-to-face meeting, each of them can live a lie. On the Internet, there is no evidence to verify a person's age, marital status or true identity. When the time comes to meet, an unpleasant surprise may be revealed. Although some individuals have found their soul mate on the Web, others have encountered real despair about the false identity of their pen pals. Until the moment of meeting arrives, both parties live in an imaginary world. Some people, in order to continue this dream, half real, half imaginary, try to flee any encounter.
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