DIY: how to make your e-liquid ?

DIY (Do It Youssef) products have been all the rage in recent years. The e-liquid is not spared. Customizable and economical, you can concoct your own composition of e-liquid. So how do you make your DIY e-liquid? Play the little chemist by following the steps below.

Step 1: Ingredients and accessories needed

In order to make your e-liquid recipe, you need to get the right components and materials. An e-liquid is largely composed of basic components. It consists of propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerine. These components are used successively to form the hit (throat feeling) and steam. The nicotine booster is also added to give it the character of a cigarette. Finally, flavouring and additives are needed to add flavour and make the substance sweet or fresh. It is also important to be well equipped to make your own e-liquid. Indeed, most of its ingredients are chemical components. Thus, to protect your body during the preparation phase, you need gloves for the hands, a mask for the mouth and nose and finally, an apron. For the materials, you need a syringe to measure the quantity of ingredients, an empty vial to put the finished product in, and an empty vial or container to mix it. There are online retailers of complete kits for e-liquid DIY.

Step 2: The preparation phase

Nothing is simpler than making an e-liquid recipe. All you do is mix all the ingredients, in any order, in the vial. For the base, it consists of a volume ratio of vegetable glycerin (VG) and mono propylene glycol (PG). The more glycerine the base contains, the larger the clouds. On the other hand, the hit increases with the amount of propylene. However, you can choose to use only one of these components for your base. Furthermore, the proportion of the base mixture depends on the dilution coefficient of the chosen flavour. This parameter is indicated in the package insert of the flavouring. The more glycerine the base contains, the more flavour is added. Some manufacturers sell a ready-made base with a certain ratio of PG/VG. You have to adapt your flavour with this ratio. As an example, a 50/50 ratio is equivalent to using 10% of flavour to the total volume of the base (100 ml). On the other hand, the amount of nicotine booster depends on one's smoking profile. A 10 ml container of booster contains on average 200 mg of nicotine. Try different formulas to see what works best for him. You can also use the online calculators to find out what proportion of ingredients is added.

Step 3: The maturation time

After mixing all the ingredients, the e-liquid is transferred to the bottle. However, it cannot yet be sprayed immediately. Indeed, it requires some maturation time to homogenize the mixture and develop the scents of the aromas. This time generally depends on the type of aroma. From a simple fruity, passing complex, spicy, classic and greedy aromas, the maturation phase can last between 3 days to more than 3 weeks.
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