Drinkable glass ampoule for medical use

Drinkable glass ampoule

Glass is highly recommended for storing items meant for human consumption due to its inertness, ease of cleaning, and relative ease of making different sizes according to the use. The pharmaceutical industry uses glass ampoule technology to store injectable drugs due to the ease of use and safety of the content in various environmental conditions.

Drinkable glass ampoules are the latest glass technology items on the market. They come with a tapered top to enable users to extract the contents with ease and safely. These designs can have various uses and benefits in the medical industry, as explained below.

Drinkable Glass Ampoules Characteristics

DRB (Double Ring Break)

One of the greatest concerns of the medical industry is the risk that some glass particles may get into the contents when the container is broken to extract the contents. However, the Double Ring Break technology predefines the break lines such that there is a clear-cut line and no debris chips off from the ampoule. This also ensures the safety of users as they are less likely to cut their fingers when breaking the glass.

Besides, the slender, elongated design of the glass makes it easier to package in batches. in paper or wooden packaging material.

Quality Fiolax Type 1 or Illax Type 3 Material

Either of these two materials can resist high temperatures and can remain in the frozen state for a long time without getting brittle. This makes it a good choice for the pharmaceutical industry, where medicines are kept at various temperatures.

In addition, these materials are inert and do not react with any chemicals that they come into contact with. Therefore, there is no chance of contaminating the products or causing the degradation of the pharmaceutical products stored in the ampoule.

Various Capacities

In the pharmaceutical industry, it is important that customers get the exact dosage for their prescription. This prevents them from making mistakes when measuring their doses, which has often led to several drug poisonings and fatalities. However, drinkable glass containers can be customised to meet the dosage needs of the customer. In many cases, drugs are taken in dosages of 1 mL to 25 mL, and the ampoules can be made to these exact capacities.

Colour Customisation

For cosmetic and safety reasons, glass containers come in clear or several hues. If some drugs should be kept away from sunlight, a darker hue works great. Otherwise, colour can be used for branding purposes by pharmaceutical companies.

There are various benefits that accrue from using drinkable glass containers based on the qualities discussed above.

  • They are safe and easy to use thanks to the double-tip ampoule technology.
  • The material can withstand a high-temperature range.
  • They are inert and do not contaminate the drugs or degrade them.
  • They can be made to exact dosage requirements.
  • They can be customised in the colour choice of the user.
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