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The harmful effects of smoking on the human organism have pushed inventors to look for suitable solutions. After years of trial and error, electronic cigarettes are now on the market, rather, welcomed by smokers. But buying an electronic cigarette is not easy in front of a wide range of products on offer.

The Pod, designed for occasional vaporizers

The Pod is one of the most widespread forms of electronic cigarettes currently on the market. Because of its size and ease of use, it appeals, for the most part, to occasional vaporisers. The Pod is especially suitable for people who vaporize on rare occasions or those who are beginning to take an interest in vaporization. Indeed, it has a rather limited autonomy of use because of the reduced size of its operating battery. It satisfies people smoking the equivalent of less than 10 cigarettes per day. On the other hand, its small size offers a guarantee of discretion for the user. The Pod is generally a compact object, a quality that gives it practical ease of use. However, it can also be presented with a refillable liquid. It can be activated by a simple suction or by a button operated by the vaporizer.

The tube for a moderate vaporization

The tube is an electronic cigarette in the shape of a tube, hence its name, designed for its more practical use. Larger in size, it can be equipped with a more suitable battery to produce greater operating autonomy. The battery life is suitable for rather moderate people, but requiring the equivalent of more than 10 cigarettes per day. Because of its shape and size, the tube is similar in appearance to traditional cigarettes. This relative resemblance makes it particularly attractive to former smokers because of the almost identical gestures produced. Electronic cigarettes of the tube type are already produced in mechanical mod tube and electronic mod tube. The purchase of electronic cigarettes in specialized shops offers a guarantee against the disconcerting proliferation of these vaporous cigarettes.

The box for the more demanding vopateurs

The box is a type of electronic cigarette designed for the most demanding steamers. This requirement translates into the need for a large quantity of cigarettes and a more varied method of vaporization. The box is a box-shaped vaporizer, relatively large, which can contain batteries designed for a long autonomy. One of the qualities of the electronic cigarette box is also its ability to adapt to different clearomizers. The possibility of modifying the elements of the electronic cigarette box gives it many other qualities. An electronic device integrated in the cigarette allows the cigarette to be adjusted at any time to meet the needs of the vaporizer. By modifying the power, for example, the vaporizer can also be adjusted to suit the taste of the cigarette. The electronic cigarette box is a little handicapped by its size rather large, not presenting a good practical use.
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