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Hypnosis is a therapeutic process used and practiced to access unconscious resources. A practitioner must choose an Ericksonian hypnosis training program to be qualified and certified.

General information about Ericksonian Hypnosis

Thereafter, a future hypnotherapist is obliged to follow a hypnosis training in order to be reliable and efficient. Some training centers may offer training that can be done in immersion for students who choose to follow their training over several consecutive days. Courses that are distributed à la carte are divided into sessions in order to allow the learning to incubate. The aim is to allow the organisation of training courses individually or in groups for the greater comfort of each student. In fact, Ericksonian hypnosis is a therapeutic method whose aim is to slightly modify the state of consciousness in order to gain access to the unconscious. It is a therapeutic practice used by psychiatrists to treat psychic illnesses. This technique is based on an influence exerted and is addressed to the unconscious. It is exercised in the form of metaphor. However, it cannot be directional. However, a practitioner must follow a hypnosis training to be qualified and to be able to act as a companion in the process of transformation and learning desired by the patient. This allows him/her to master some tools such as metaphors, parables and indirect suggestions in order to remove resistance to change and learning, and allow the patient to access his/her own resources. During a therapeutic hypnosis session, the practitioner must be able to use this method correctly in order to respect the patient. The specificity of this procedure lies in the fact that it shows respect for the patient, as the hypnotherapist must use only permissive language. The hypnotherapist must ensure that the gait and style of speech is adapted to the patient's abilities and gait style.

How do you select a hypnosis training provider with the appropriate level?

A future practitioner can choose the practitioner level. The practitioner level provides the opportunity to receive the basics and to learn its advanced use. Afterwards, the student can obtain a certification to practice hypnosis as a hypnotherapist. As for the Master Practitioner level, it allows the student to complete the basics. It is intended for the Hypnosis Technician. It allows the student to specialize in hypnosis. This level is essential if a practitioner is looking to open a therapeutic hypnosis practice. It gives him the possibility to start practicing this hypnotic process as a professional. This level allows the student to learn more advanced methods in order to obtain the certification and quality of a master practitioner. A student has the opportunity to follow a hypnosis certification training. This training is accredited and recognized. It is offered by a qualified and reputable trainer.

Tips for choosing a training in Ericksonian hypnosis

In general, for hypnosis training, the complete curriculum has three essential and interdependent aspects. As far as face-to-face training is concerned, it allows for optimal practice of hypnosis methods, communication and psychological support or coaching. As for the non-presential part, it is made to allow to have an in-depth culture of the process, its limits and possibilities. It is intended to complete the face-to-face training. It is presented theoretically and illustrated by demonstrations and learning how to put the process into practice. The modular supervision process is necessary to ensure integration into the professional world. Training can include coaching or integrative psychological support and the art of communication. The intersubjectivity, the relational quality and the realization of a context are to be taken into account for the practitioners.
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