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Published on : 29 May 20203 min reading time

Various trace elements are essential to the functioning of your body. Supplied by the diet, they contribute to your long-term well-being. Oligotherapy allows you to benefit from a sufficient quantity of trace elements. How does this practice take place? What are its benefits? Who can benefit from the advantages of oligotherapy? The answers can be found in this article.

Oligotherapy, how does it work?

Oligotherapy is a therapeutic method of administering trace elements to your body’s metabolism. The quantity administered is small since the goal of this approach is to restore your body by correcting a certain metabolic dysfunction. Here, practitioners aim to restore your physiological balance. The principle of oligotherapy is simple. You keep the trace elements under your tongue for a few minutes so that they can pass into your bloodstream.

The benefits of oligotherapy on your body

In general, your trace element needs are found in your diet, but to restore a significant deficiency, the ideal is to resort to oligotherapy. There are more than 75 trace elements. Your body does not necessarily contain the majority of these trace elements, which is why it is advisable to administer them through oligotherapy. This therapeutic method uses various methods of administration. You can have them in tablet or liquid form, but you can also have them administered via the sublingual route, as we have just mentioned in the first paragraph. Oligotherapy is suitable for children, adults and the elderly. This gentle cure is safe. Even small children can benefit from the advantages of this practice. It has been used for centuries, so this medicine has proven itself. Rest assured, taking the substances that are trace elements does not cause any side effects. Not all life-giving minerals can be 100% present in your body, but they are all essential to maintain your health over the long term. Oligotherapy is the best way to provide your often deficient body with the necessary trace elements. This medicine can be used as a pathological treatment or as a preventive cure depending on your condition. You can also enjoy the benefits of oligotherapy even if your body is in normal conditions.

Using trace elements correctly

The oligo element administered in your body via oligotherapy is essential to the functioning of your body. The type of trace element chosen depends on your deficiency. In order to regulate anaemia or fatigue, you can be given a small amount of iron. Instead, consider magnesium if you regularly suffer from muscle cramps. Mineral waters are a source of many trace elements. Tap water also contains them. Other trace elements are used to treat ailments. This can be cobalt. Cobalt is excellent for relieving migraines. Do you have thyroid disease? Prefer Iodine. People suffering from diarrhoea, on the other hand, lack zinc and must be administered via oligotherapy. For infants, it is advisable to pour the liquid into an eyedropper. For young children, you can pour a few drops of the liquid on their food. The sublingual route is easy, but sometimes children do not always understand that the tablet should be kept under their tongue for some time.

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