Photovoltaic panels, how do they work?

Photovoltaic panels allow the energy of the sun and light to be converted directly into electricity. They produce free electricity that you can resell or consume in an environmentally friendly way. This encourages many people to invest in these photovoltaic solar panels. But how do they work? This article will give you the answer.

How photovoltaic panels work

Photovoltaic panels consist of silicon cells that convert energy into electric current when they are in contact with light. The voltage of the current produced depends on the efficiency of your panels and the light they receive. Thus, they produce electricity even on a cold winter day. There are also systems with micro inverters. Associated with each panel, they do not have to be connected to each other. In this way, even if one of the panels is not exposed to full sunlight, this does not affect the energy produced by other panels. This is most effective if you think about parts of your roof that have areas of shade. You can also store the electricity produced by your solar photovoltaic panel using batteries and then use it to meet the needs of your home.

Installing a photovoltaic solar panel

For optimum efficiency, location is a key point not to be neglected. Place your panel on the south side of your roof if possible, and in a completely sunny location. The angle of inclination is also very important for ideal performance. The ideal place to install your panel will be on the roof of your house. This makes it easy to collect energy. The system that anchors the panel is called: integration system. It also requires a watertight connection between the roof and the panel. The most commonly used panels such as monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels need a large roof surface. However, there are also models available for limited roof areas and even on a flat roof. It is strongly advised to clean your panel regularly, so that it will be able to recover enough energy even with cloudy weather. Most installations of photovoltaic panels can be done in one day. To find out how many panels you need to use, you need to calculate your consumption and choose according to the capacity of the inverter you need. You can also check online the profitability of the installation you are about to carry out, whether your roof is suitable for solar panels and also how much it cost you.

Why opt for photovoltaic solar panels?

Even if the purchase price of solar panels remains expensive, there are many advantages to adopting them. Using a solar panel allows you to save on your energy bill. Photovoltaic solar panels provide you with electricity in your home free of charge and free you from total energy dependency. If your panel produces more electricity than you need, you can resell it. You also respect nature by reducing polluting gases that cause harmful greenhouse effects for the environment. But the efficiency of your panel depends only on maintenance, the choice of output, its orientation and its location.
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