Royal jelly: benefits and virtues in phytotherapy

The use of natural products is always more reassuring than taking or using chemicals such as pharmaceutical pills. Royal jelly is one of these natural healing treatments. It was used for the first time by the Chinese, with good results. Indeed, it has proven to be very effective. It can cure many diseases, whether internal or external. However, we must be careful because it could also cause undesirable effects. In this article, discover the benefits of royal jelly, the difference between organic royal jelly and pure royal jelly, the virtues of royal jelly.

The difference between pure royal jelly and organic royal jelly

Pure royal jelly is that which has not yet been processed into a finished product. That is, the raw product. This natural bee's milk is more reassuring than organic royal jelly, because the latter is already a little transformed jelly, because of its conservation. It is therefore best to take it as a dietary supplement. This is also the case with French organic royal jelly. It is a product without artificial components. However, the preparers have used a little touch for its conservation in the cold, as soon as it is harvested, in order to preserve all its qualities. Therefore, you have the possibility to preserve the French royal jelly, if you have not yet finished the box. These products are available in supermarkets and honey product retailers.

The advantages of royal jelly

Royal jelly is a secretion of worker bees, hence its many healing properties. It can be used for the prevention or cure of disease. It is also very effective against fatigue, bacteria, flu, colds and fevers. Royal jelly owes its benefits to its natural antibacterial and antibiotic properties. In addition to being an excellent curative treatment, it can also give vitality, energy, but also strength. Royal jelly contains several minerals. Indeed, it helps to avoid dietary deficiency thanks to its various components such as proteins, fatty acids and vitamins. But that's not all. In addition to ensuring a balance of the nervous system, it also regulates tension and concentration because it contains trace elements. During the treatment with royal jelly, patients notice a decrease in respiratory infection, but also a relief of pain that occurs during hormonal disorders. In short, the treatment with royal jelly brings only benefits for humans. However, care must be taken, as it can cause side effects for people allergic to pollen, or asthmatics. These individuals are therefore advised to use royal jelly in small quantities, then increase it gradually if necessary.

Uses of royal jelly

In general, royal jelly is adaptogenic, meaning that anyone can take it and enjoy the benefits of royal jelly. If you mix it with peppermint, it will act as a natural antidepressant. However, it is important to note that this mixture can reduce sleep. If you take royal jelly with propolis, you'll get an effective medicine for your body. Taking this mixture is also recommended for people with weakened bodies. You can also add spirulina or aloe vera. This will make your mixture richer in vitamins. For women who want to lose weight, take royal jelly combined with lemon, ginger or green tea. This mixture is an excellent slimming product. There are also ready-made royal jelly products that are specialized for specific uses. So you can buy them if you don't want to make your own mix.
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