Scientific research: why do we still use animals?

Published on : 07 April 20222 min reading time

The use of animals in scientific research leads to several areas of debate. It is noted, however, that medical progress is and animal welfare is compatible. Several animal species are often the subject of scientific research and animal experimentation to understand biological mechanisms.

Examples for illustrations

Among the various successes of Animal Scientific Research are a few feats. First, there is insulin. This solution used to relieve diabetes was discovered more than 90 years ago. Before being injected into diabetics, insulin was used by experimenters in some animals. Secondly, there are drugs for HIV. Scientists tested this remedy in animals before using these treatments in humans. These drugs are mainly used to limit the multiplication of the virus in the HIV-positive person’s body. In addition to these two examples, there are other illustrations that show the achievements of animal experimentation in the medical field.

Animal experimentation, which has become useful in scientific research

Animal experimentation has become useful and compulsory in the medical field. According to scientists, the purpose of animal experimentation leads to real scientific achievements. Thus, it is difficult to do without this practice. Indeed, there are no better alternatives to animal experimentation. As animal models evolve over time, animal testing helps to anticipate problems.

However, there are other alternatives to animal experimentation that allow for the conservation of animal species. We note the case of cell culture or in vitro and the computer model or in silico. More than half of biological research is based on in vitro. This solution has, however, its limits. It does not have the capacity to recreate the particularity of a living organism.

The specificity of animal experimentation

Animals have the same physiognomy as humans. Like humans, they have organs, bones, a nervous system… Animal species are thus the most adapted to scientific research.

Most of the animals that are experimented on in the laboratory are mammals. Among them are Rats, Mice, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. In France, nearly 2 million animals are used in laboratories for experimental purposes. Admittedly, in order to preserve animal species, the use of animals in scientific research must be reduced, but the use of humans in their place is, however, unacceptable. This could cause severe pain, disease or even death to these human beings. In short, animal experimentation is inevitable.

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