The different forms of medical cannabis

Therapeutic use of cannabis is legal in some countries, such as the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. While its most common form of use is dried grass, cannabis may be consumed in the form of herbal teas or through a vaporizer. Discover these different forms of medical cannabis, but first of all, here are some of the virtues of the plant.

A known and recognized effectiveness

Used since ancient Egypt for its medicinal virtues, cannabis or Indian hemp has already been the subject of a hundred or so studies aimed at confirming its beneficial properties. Considered as a powerful psychoactive, this plant has demonstrated its effectiveness in relieving various pathologies such as asthma or glaucoma. Whether in its natural or chemically modified form, medical cannabis also has excellent properties against chronic pain, nausea and spasmodic reactions. This plant also helps to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy, improve sleep, but above all to stimulate the appetite. It is also known for its benefits against stress and depression thanks to its soothing virtues.

Cannabis in the form of dried grass

The form of cannabis use depends on the patient and the symptoms being treated. Please also note that there are different varieties of hemp seeds, which is why the use differs depending on the variety concerned. The availability of these forms of medical cannabis varies, however, depending on the legislation of the country where it is legal. Do not hesitate to inquire to avoid any problems. Smoked cannabis, often available in pharmacies or dedicated places, is generally supplied under medical prescription in the form of dried herbs. Even if it resembles natural grass, its THC and CBD content is strictly controlled. This mode of use is usually prescribed to take advantage of the therapeutic effects of cannabis quickly (limit vomiting following chemo, regain appetite for an AIDS patient, relieve pain).

Other more recommended forms of consumption

According to experts, smoked cannabis increases the risk of cancer just as much as tobacco. This is the reason why it is often banned for medical use. Consuming cannabis in its other unsmoked forms is therefore more beneficial. For example, you can use a vaporizer for added safety. This device allows you to inhale cannabis in vapour form, thus reducing combustion and the production of carcinogenic molecules. Some vaporizers allow you to inhale hemp oil. This is preferable if you want to mix the oil with other flavoured liquids to enhance the experience. If you are looking for a more convenient solution, turn to a mouth spray. Made from cannabis extracts, this device is often found in pharmacies. Doctors also recommend drinking it in the form of herbal teas to get the full benefits. As it is essential to respect a strict dosage, ask your doctor's advice to avoid inconveniences. Finally, some countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom allow the consumption of Marinol (synthetic THC) in the form of capsules.
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