The human services professions

The personal service professions group together the services that can be offered to an individual with the aim of simplifying daily life. Usually, these are home help services. There are three areas: health, early childhood, and the elderly and/or dependent. However, these jobs require motivation, interpersonal skills, self-control but above all availability and a sense of responsibility. These are demanding jobs, but there are proposals for vocational training for the exercise of the job.

In terms of health

In the field of health care, the profession of caregiver or home care assistant is in vogue. Because of other personal concerns, some people find themselves unable to care for their patients, especially if they require special care or strict diets. These professionals have a diploma for this purpose after 12 months of training at a specialized school. Some illnesses also require professional intervention because of their complexity. The titles of accompanying deaf person, audioprosthetist, etc. are among the personal services. It is advisable to see here for more information.

For early childhood

Caring for children is a heavy task for parents, especially when they are working. They must then find a trustworthy person to take care of their child in their absence, which is the role of home care workers. However, a childminder can also do this job. On the other hand, a childcare worker takes care of children in her home or in crèches. This practice allows her to take care of several children at the same time. These professionals must have undergone training to this effect and hold a CAP. Their role is to care for and supervise the children, prepare their meals and ensure that they are taken and wash the children.

For the elderly

Elderly people are at a certain age in a situation of incapacity and dependency. As a result, they need one or more people to care for them. Indeed, they are no longer able to take care of their home, prepare food for them, wash themselves... People called home care workers offer services such as: housekeeping help, life support workers. The difference between a homemaker and a home helper is that a home helper does all the small jobs that can be done as a service without being exhaustive. These personal assistance services tend to evolve nowadays because of the increase in the number of the population and therefore the number of job offers. They are equally remunerative and interesting professions. The majority of professionals choose them mainly because of their easier curriculum. In fact, vocational training courses make it possible to obtain certificates quickly. Given the stakes of the profession, it must be practiced with love.
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