What counts as street furniture?

street furniture

Street furniture is anything that is placed on or near a street or sidewalk for the purpose of improving the street's appearance or function. It can include benches, planters, streetlights, and trash cans.

What is smart street furniture?

Smart street furniture is a term that is used to describe a range of street furniture that has been designed to be used in an intelligent way. This can include items such as benches, bins, street lamps, and signage. The aim of smart street furniture is to make the experience of using public spaces more enjoyable, and to make these spaces more efficient and effective.

One example of smart street furniture is the Soofa Bench. This bench has been designed to be a solar-powered charging station for phones and other small devices. The bench has built-in speakers that can be used to play music, and it also has a sensor that can detect when someone is sitting on it, and will automatically adjust the position of the backrest to provide the most comfortable seating experience.

Another example of smart street furniture is the LUMO Playground. This is a playground that has been designed for use in urban areas. The playground is made up of modular pieces that can be reconfigured to create different play spaces. The playground also has a range of interactive elements, such as a water wall, that can be used to encourage children to play in a more active way.

Smart street furniture is becoming increasingly popular in cities around the world as a way to make public spaces more enjoyable and efficient.

What is street furniture design?

Street furniture is a term used to describe objects and features found on streets and public spaces, such as benches, bollards, and litter bins. They are usually designed to be used by pedestrians and cyclists, and to improve the look and feel of an area.

Good street furniture design takes into account the needs of all users, and is durable and weather-resistant. It should also be safe, functional, and easy to maintain.

Street furniture can play an important role in the overall design of a public space. When used correctly, it can help to create a sense of place and identity, and make an area more enjoyable to use. More details on procity.eu.

Why do we need to install street furniture?

Street furniture generally refers to any kind of furniture that is placed on streets or public spaces. This can include things like benches, bus shelters, planters, and even trash cans. Street furniture can play an important role in making public spaces more comfortable and inviting for people to use. In addition to providing a place to sit or rest, street furniture can also help to define the character of a space and make it more visually appealing.

In conclusion, street furniture refers to any type of object or structure that is installed on or along a street or road for the purpose of providing a service or enhancing the street's appearance. Common examples of street furniture include benches, trash cans, street lamps, and traffic signs.

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