When to contact an on-call doctor?

The doctor on duty is often asked by many patients to travel. He guarantees continuity of care even during the night and on public holidays. Sometimes you get lost and you don't know when to call for his services instead of the emergency room.

How do I contact a doctor on call?

An on-call doctor offers his services outside the usual opening hours of doctors' surgeries. Depending on the situation, he may travel to the patient's home. The best way to reach him is to dial 116 117, the call is handled by a regulating doctor. The latter is responsible for determining whether the person's problem requires immediate attention or some sound advice. Based on his or her knowledge, he or she will be able to refer the patient to the nearest on-call physician. In the case of an extreme emergency, the Samu will be contacted immediately. For those who have difficulty speaking or hearing, they can reach the doctor on duty by dialling 114. They can use a fax or send an SMS to establish a connection with the service. You can see this website to find out more about how the on-call doctors work. The tariffs are mentioned there as well as the telephone numbers of each department. In a few clicks, you can contact the doctor on duty for your region.

When to call a doctor on call?

The on-call doctor's house is available on public holidays and on Sundays as soon as the normal practice is closed. All French citizens are entitled to the services of a professional on-call when consultation hours are closed. The attending physician is also obliged to indicate a way to reach his colleague in case of emergency. Usually, these are volunteers who belong to associations or who practice at the health centres. The doctor on duty can be contacted for domestic accidents or in the event of a sudden rise in fever. Even if the problem is not often very serious, the mere thought of a consultation reassures the patient and avoids crowding in the emergency room. He or she can travel if necessary and establish the diagnosis. He can also start the necessary care or even stabilize the person's condition if it gets worse. Contrary to popular belief, the on-call doctor is as efficient as the emergency department. It is even much more convenient and quicker to contact him. He has the ability to detect emergency situations and knows the procedure to be adapted in these conditions.

Advantages of an on-call physician

The advantage of contacting the doctor on duty is to avoid hospital emergencies. It avoids the patient the anxiety of being in the middle of people in very bad shape. Indeed, one can find in this service people wounded by bullets or people stung by a bee. The emergency doctor is often overwhelmed and the waiting time is quite long depending on the severity of the situation. With the on-call doctor, you can wait quietly at home or in an office without any worries. He does not have to rush and can detail the reason for the consultation. The costs may be covered by health insurance and may be free of charge for some patients. At sos m├ędecins, you can enjoy a warm welcome and a friendly waiting room. If the patient needs to have additional examinations in hospital, a certificate will be issued. For those who have car problems, a driver can be requested for a small fee. The return journey from the home to the on-call medical centre will be insured.
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