Why using a dental crown?

It is highly recommended to go to the dentist twice a year for dental care. During this meeting, the dentist will use crown repair if the shade and structure of the tooth are not correct and require correction, which is generally the case with damaged teeth. With this technique, dentists keep the original tooth and strengthen it with a crown. But what is the dental crown? Why use it? How much does it cost?

What is the dental crown?

The dental crown is a prosthesis that will cover a broken or damaged tooth. It’s a kind of hat that the dentist puts on a tooth. It is tailor-made after taking an impression. This solution aims to cover dental implants, to replace a malformed or deformed tooth with a filling, a tooth discolored over time and a damaged, broken or cracked tooth. Your dentist can also suggest that you put a dental bridge on the tooth that is not healthy. Thus, the crowns serve as a pillar for the bridge. To place it, the dentist will use the x-ray to determine if the tooth should be devitalized. Then your dentist will prepare it by sculpting it. In the event that your tooth is very dilapidated or devitalized, it will have to repair the missing part by carrying out an inlay-core. The dentist then takes an impression to reproduce an exact model of the tooth on which to build the crown. He will ask you a temporary crown, for about two or three weeks while waiting for the final crown to be made.

Why use a dental crown?

There are different types of dental crowns: the metal-ceramic crown, the metal crown, the composite crown and the porcelain crown. Each type of crown has many advantages. On the aesthetic side, the installation of a dental crown helps to unify your teeth and make them prettier by uniting color and shape. On the functional side, it also gives the possibility of strengthening a damaged or too weak tooth, and therefore of resuming your full masticatory function. Dental crowns are as strong and durable as a natural tooth. With a crown, you will find a chewing like a normal tooth. In addition to the aesthetic side, the installation of a dental crown also allows the stability of your teeth. They are often permanently attached to your natural tooth. They are not like removable dentures, you cannot remove them for maintenance. As with any dental prosthesis, however, the dental crown needs maintenance.

What is the price of a crown

It should first of all be noted that the price of a dental crown is not regulated and that your dentist can therefore present the price he wants. In general, it will depend on the material used to make your dental crown, the brand of the crown, the technique of installation and the place where you have surgery. The prices of dental crowns can have very large differences depending on the dental office. To get the best value for money, you need to compare the deals.
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