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Women's health is important. In addition to being the center of genesis for a lifetime, she is a fighter who has already overcome many obstacles in her life. And not the least. The pain, the illnesses, the tormented mind, the judgment of those around them constitute the struggles during his life.

They should be wary of sexually transmitted infections

There are thousands of bacteria, viruses and fungi that can be transmitted sexually. Extracts: herpes, syphilis, AIDS, gonococcal disease and even hepatitis B. We must not forget the presence of the papillomavirus which is very harmful and dangerous for women, especially if they are young. Even if this disease is cured, it leaves sequelae in the cells of the cervix. The subject is not aware of this change, but one day, when the woman is old or almost menopausal, the nightmare-reality begins. Hello cervical cancer with its metastases and its underlying infiltrations. Talking about cancer means talking about serious pathology. The management of the disease and the quality of life of the woman are reasons for despair. While the papillomavirus shows no signs in humans that could be prevented.

Rules and cycle counting are real tasks they have never neglected

We learn in school that a woman has a regular 28-day cycle. And what about those who have short, long or irregular cycles? What about those who suffer from periods that last longer? They feel abnormal. The well-being and health of women are upset here. Doctors often prescribe birth control pills to correct their problem. But at what cost ? The birth control pill, as the name suggests, prevents a woman from having a child. It should also not be overlooked that it is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. And that its taking is contraindicated in case of diagnosis of these. Note that taking your medication does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Desire for pregnancy by any means

A child is a blessing for certain beliefs. It is also the fruit of a love of two people. Even if the woman wants so much, she may be forced to postpone her pregnancy or worse, she may not be pregnant. In the first case, whatever the reason, temporary contraception is one solution. The contraceptive pill is suitable for those who have not yet had a child. Injections and implants are reserved for those who want to space the birth of her children or limit their number. The latter two have relatively slow reversibility, which is why it is necessary for the woman to know what awaits her. In the second case, acupuncture and pregnancy go hand in hand. Acupuncture can work miracles by stimulating the chakra with the needle used.
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