Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): What it is & key things to know

Collision Damage Waiver
Having the luxury to drive around to your desired destination is not only fun but very convenient as you will have all the time to do whatever you like without feeling rushed. Unlike public transport, private transportation makes you available to do all the work within your list at your own convenience.

However, it can be hard to afford this kind of luxury given how expensive car hire excess insurance rates are. The best you can do is purchase your car hire excess cover from someone else before going hire a car.

Before purchasing excess insurance, ask yourself, what is a car hire excess insurance policy? do I need excess protection car hire? Is it worth buying car hire excess insurance?

What is car hire excess insurance policy?

Most people confuse this with the standard vehicle insurance policy, normally, the car hiring company takes care of any damages that may happen while renting a vehicle. Where as, car hire excess insurance takes care of the excess amount you will be required to pay in case the car is damaged or stolen, meaning the hiring company will not take care of all the repair costs . This is the main reason you need to buy car rental excess insurance from the best annual car hire excess insurance UK company.

Do I need excess protection?

Do I need excess protection car hire? Well, excess protection insurance is very optional. However, you need to consider having one because no one really likes to imagine being involved in an accident. You might convince yourself that you are a good driver or convince yourself why not to get excess insurance. What you need to bare in mind is, you are not alone on the road, if not your bad driving skills, someone else’s will cost you what you did not plan for.
Buying an independent car hire excess insurance policy in advance can be less costly compared to taking a waiver agreement at the rental desk.

What you need to know about car hire insurance policy

Excess insurance usually work on a reimbursement basis, that means, you will need to provide the rental company a credit card with enough funds when picking up your hire car.So in case you damage the hire car, you will need to pay the excess fee the rental company charges you, then claim it back from your insurance company.
Note that, some malicious renting company may convince you that your independent policy is invalid. Your policy is recognized by your insurance company and not the car renting company, be careful not to fall for this trap you might end up spending more than what you actually need to spend.

Is it worth buying car hire excess insurance? That's a question that majority of people ask. As stated, rental car insurance can be expensive when purchased as a full coverage package, however, purchasing excess insurance can still be worth it in some situations. Especially when driving an unfamiliar car in unfamiliar environment, you are more likely to get destructed and stressed out.


Generally, its more economical to purchase your excess insurance prior, also do a car hire excess insurance compare before deciding what's best for you .If you hire cars often, having an annual car hire excess insurance could save you some extra cash in your pocket.

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