How can I look good in sandals?


Most people consider sandals legwear that only suits the summers and holiday periods. But with the changes in the fashion world, we have seen sandals make a huge comeback. Nowadays, you can pull off a good look wearing sandals at any time of the year or even match them with official outfits. Moreover, sandals give you more choices and options as they come in different types. You can check out the IRO sandals if you are looking to get more information on the different types of fashionable sandals you can look good in at any time.

How one chooses to wear sandals solely depends on the look one aims at getting and their preferences. Sandals can go very well with almost anything, but how one wears or pairs the different outfits with the different types of sandals brings out the differences. Pair them well, and you have the perfect outfit that makes you look good at any particular period. Here are some tips on some of the ways you can wear sandals and look good in them.

Wear Sandals with Jeans

Since jeans pair well with any footwear, it is not surprising that you can look good just paring them with sandals. Jeans paired with sandals gives one that cool retro look. To pull the best look, wear strappy flat sandals. You can pull the ultimate vintage look with denim shorts and a pair of flat sandals that will leave you looking good at any time. However, this look would best suit you for the summer and holidays.

You can also pull off a cool modern look using sandals by pairing them with skinny jeans, as they are the most versatile of all types of jeans.

Keep the Colours Consistent

Since sandals come in beautiful colours, you need to pick the right colour that matches or complements your outfits flawlessly. The most common colours on sandals are black, beige and leather skin brown. These tones match with almost all outfits with striking patterns, vibrant colours and others that look the same. But there are many other colours apart from the ones mentioned, like silver sandals IRO that look good with most outfits.

Choosing black sandals is considered a bold fashion statement for the ladies, and it goes very well with brighter coloured clothes. In addition to being bold, pulling off a good look with black sandals is very easy, as they can pair very well with many clutches and bags. To pull off a perfect look with sandals, you need to plan well what you will wear, then select the sandals that complement that look. This way, you won’t make the mistake of looking odd.

Pair Your Open Shoes with Suit Separates

Not so long ago, the idea of pairing sandals with tailored official clothes was unheard of. But with fashion changes, it has become a thing. The first thing to consider when wearing sandals and suit separates is not wearing any socks. Also, it would be best if you chose sandals with no logos and bold colours like black.

You should also choose official black pants that match the sandals are the way to go. For ladies, black IRO pumps are just perfect for this non-formal outfit. Finally, you can bring about the balance by throwing in a neutral blazer with a white shirt.

Final Word

Unlike other footwear, sandals can match with almost any outfit if you know how to pair them. However, you must find the right balance between aspects like colour and the type of look you want to attain to attain the perfect look in sandals.

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