Permanent eye make-up: choosing quality products for a good result

Published on : 07 April 20223 min reading time

Nowadays, make-up has become part of most women’s daily lives. Applying a touch of make-up makes them look even more beautiful than they can do without it. The amount of makeup to apply to go to the office or to attend a party is really quite different, because the contexts are not the same. However, makeup is supposed to stay on the face for a fairly long time, especially on the eyes to intensify the look. You won’t have time to put on makeup every time it starts to disappear. This is the reason why major beauty brands have introduced permanent make-up on the market.

What is permanent makeup?

It is a technique that allows pigmentation of the skin using very fine needles. It should be noted that the injections are not made too deep into the skin, but on the surface of the dermis. Thus, permanent make-up will last 2 and 5 years. It does not require any make-up removal technique, as it has the ability to fade away when the skin is renewed. Permanent eye make-up takes the place of an eye shadow in a way, but it will not remain permanently on the eyes. This solution will be a great service to women, as they will no longer have to spend a large part of their time in front of the mirror. It is also beneficial for sportswomen to prevent make-up from dripping off due to heat and sweat. For more information, visit the website

Eye make-up: choose the right pigments!

Pigments play an important role in the hold of make-up. Therefore, you shouldn’t be content with cheap palettes. For successful eye make-up, it is recommended to buy good quality, long-lasting make-up. Many beauty companies offer this product, it remains to be seen which one is most suitable for us and to check that the components comply with health standards and hygiene regulations. It is also necessary to make sure that the colours can be well combined with the skin tone of the woman in question.

The advantages of permanent make-up

Being called dermopigmentation, permanent makeup can be applied to almost any area of the face. In order to have a sublime look, it is possible to rework the eyebrows. To better intensify the look, a thin or thick line at the base of the eyelashes will replace the eyeliner. Thanks to this method, a perfect line of eyeliner will accompany you until the end of the day or even the end of the evening… Once this technique is adopted, it is no longer necessary to use pencils and brushes, you will no longer have to deal with them! The other advantage of permanent make-up is its power to camouflage small imperfections that can’t leave us. Permanent make-up also saves time. In fact, you won’t have to put on make-up when you wake up or after a sports session, your face is already at its best! What’s more, it requires only a few hours for application to provide a result that will last for years. As for the application, it is painless, because you don’t feel any pain either during or after the injection. The healing process takes a few days, so you will benefit from the make-up after a maximum of 3 days. Permanent eye make-up guarantees a natural effect for those who are not fond of so-called “extravagant” make-up.

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