With e-commerce, does shopping still have the same flavour?

Evolving with new technology, e-commerce is increasingly used by several French companies. This facet of digital allows to generate sales and win many customers. With the marketing techniques used by sales forces, they are more motivated to buy their products online.

The move upmarket, an effective e-commerce technique

According to the analyses of the strategists, up-selling or up-selling would be effective in encouraging customers to make a purchase decision. Sometimes customers may not know exactly what they want to buy. Some customers are undecided about their needs. For example, a person may say they are looking for a leather bag, but in reality, when they saw an ad for a hand-made object, the customer may be thrilled and change their mind. To achieve this, incentive marketing offers a product equivalent to the one the customer was initially looking for, while keeping track of the customer's budget. The goal is to change the person's behaviour and generate sales.

A shop on social networks

Social networks have a great influence on the behaviour of buyers. With the arrival of Facebook, in particular, e-commerce is developing more and more. On its web pages, it is possible for sellers, even without official physical shops, to sell products. To make customers want to buy, all that is needed is to present fairly attractive images. By visiting a vendor's Facebook page, customers do not see any reviews. As a result, the qualities and designs are in favour of the product for sale. Some people who don't have the time to browse the stores even choose to buy online without having seen the product. In this case, we can say that the salesman has made his move.

After-sales service, great assets of e-commerce

The other advantage offered by online sellers is to allow diversified after-sales services. In addition to the quality of the product, the services provided by the sellers are very important to the customers. Most online shops now offer home deliveries and free or paid installation for specific products. Some sellers even offer warranties and maintenance advice. These extra services really make buyers want to buy the product even if it has its limitations. In short, an in-store salesperson who lacks marketing tactics can be greatly overwhelmed by an online store with a well-stocked catalogue and convenient services.
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