Cinema, from the senario to the screening of a film!

Producing a film requires a lot of work. Behind the screens, a whole team of professionals work together to create an artistic work that attracts the audience. The making of a feature film takes several months or even years. To reach its conclusion, a cinema follows a succession of stages.

The creative idea and the pre-production stage

Like any project, the realization of a cinema starts from a creative idea. This can be the inspiration of the producer or the screenwriter. If the creative idea is based on an existing work, it is essential to acquire exploitation rights, but if it is a new idea, the screenwriter can hire a specialist to draw up the script. This is a long-term process that can take months. Throughout the reproduction of the screenplay, the screenwriter monitors the writing process. Once the script is completed, it is time to move on to the pre-production stage. During this phase, the producer puts together a team to define the budget needed for production. Then, it is necessary to distribute all the tasks: director of photography, general manager, director, actors...For this, the team can collaborate with production companies. It is also common for directors to obtain financial aid from certain entities.

The production

After having set the necessary budget, the production manager collects the money needed to make the film. Everything is almost ready and then comes the shooting phase. This stage is very important because it involves the exact reproduction of the script. Everything has to be spectacular in the eyes of the viewers: sets, scenery, equipment... During the filming of the film, the director coordinates all the tasks to be done. He works hard during this stage. Indeed, this phase requires a large amount of money which can inflate the budget if there is a lack of attention. The shooting of a feature film can vary from a few weeks to three months.


Once the shooting is done, the filmmaking process ends with post-production. It is now time to make rushes. After the mountains of shots, it is necessary to make a sorting. It is at this stage that the editor, in turn, works hard to do de-rushing. He works with a whole team. During editing, the team perfects all the technical details: images, sound... The post-production stage is one of the more time-consuming phases in filmmaking. Indeed, it can last several months or even years depending on the imperfections observed.
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