Comics are now a form of artistic expression!

While comics are now on the verge of extinction, they are qualified as an art form. It's just gotten its artistic recognition. Noting that making a comic book requires higher costs than a film. Despite this, comic books attract not only children but adults as well.

The Comic Book reform

Like sculptures and paintings, comics are exhibited in museums and cultural centres. They are increasingly being exhibited in public places. Moreover, comics have many fans. They have become a real culture for many people. During the festival of Angoulême, hundreds of authors have made an appointment to carry out the march of authors for creation. This is to say that directors, in creating comics, work to perfection to produce original artistic works. Just the idea of taking care of the authors makes them feel bad. In fact, the Supplementary Pension Scheme for Professional Artists and Authors announced, through a decree, in 2016, that the contribution of members would increase from 4% to 8%.

Comics, an art of graphic design

Graphics and text are the main tools of a comic book. Reproduction in drawings must be done to perfection to create a work of art and easily convey messages to viewers, most of whom are children. Thus, a comic book that tells a story without concern for visual details is not called a better comic book. This art form originated in literature and graphic design, but is now considered an art form in its own right. As a result, the idea of lowering the value of a comic book is unacceptable on the part of directors and fans alike.

The manga trend

For manga comics, in particular, this has taken a new turn in recent generations. Attracting a mass of fans, the manga has involved many publishers. Recently, however, this type of comic book is on the verge of falling into disrepute. The fact is that the creators have brought a French adaptation. This has met with great success in the world, but has not taken into account the creation. Now, the catalogue is out of print and sales are tending to decline. For the Franco-Belgian series, for example, there are several spin-offs at the end. Reissuing Tintin in many forms has become fashionable, but still has its limits in the eyes of the fans.
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