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Published on : 28 October 20214 min reading time

Art is a beautiful way of expressing our thoughts and emotions. Through the years, many great artists have come up, and through their works, they made the world a better place. However, not everyone can be an artist; some people are enthusiasts and collectors of art.

Thus, if you have a collection or an art object whose worth you do not know, this post will share some tips that can help you value or determine the cost of objects. Moreover, if you are in the market for an appraisal purchase of a work by Bernard Buffet, consult this website to purchase painting. It is an online art gallery that offers a broad range of exhibitions all year long.

In addition, here are some factors that determine the price of an art object:

The artist

The artist is probably the most critical factor that determines how valuable a piece of art is. When you look at history, some artists were more famous than others. Hence, their paintings fetched a higher price. Furthermore, the prolificacy of the artist is also a determining factor that influences the value. Nonetheless, the work of a painter who produces more will not have the same value as one who makes less.


Here, the subject matter of the piece of art will determine how valuable a painting is. Generally, some subjects will sell better as compared to others. For instance, a female nude will be more appealing to a specific clientele as compared to a portrait of an older man.

The subject alone, however, does not determine the value of the painting. This is also taken collectively with other factors such as the target market. A particular market will accept a controversial piece of art, and another call will be dismissive and rebellious. Therefore, the artist knows their target market when releasing a work.

Certificate of authenticity

Documentation is always crucial to any artist. It proves that the piece of art is original and not counterfeit. On some occasions, authentication is done by simply contacting the artist, and at other times, a lab test is conducted to determine originality.

Modern-day, many people purchase paintings from fairs and auctions, not knowing that they are buying counterfeit products. It is thus prudent to retain a certificate because it will fetch a higher price when selling. For instance, no Van Gogh painting or art can be sold without a green light from Van Gogh Museum.


Some people are under the impression that restoration efforts increase the value of art. However, this is not true because any restoration efforts will alter the piece’s originality; hence, the value will only decrease.

But if you decide to restore a piece of art, it should be done professionally because if an amateur does it, the appearance, integrity, and structure will be compromised.
To prevent the painting from falling apart due to age, it is always advisable to carry out proper maintenance activities.


In art, size does indeed matter. Some may say the bigger, the better, but in some instances, this is not true. The size of the painting represents the artist’s skill, and this will undoubtedly increase its value.

When visiting an art gallery, it is essential to properly analyze the size of the painting and consider what size a prospective buyer may want.


The technique used in painting determines its value. Is the painting an original hand-painted work, or did the artist use a photographic process? Further, the medium also plays a role in determining the value of a picture.

Many other factors determine a painting’s worth. Therefore, getting an appraiser will help you determine the actual value. Always be on the lookout for knockoff pieces of art, which may be on display; this way, you are sure of buying an authentic painting.

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